Fee Structure

The M Group uses a fee structure that emphasizes our firmís commitment to the Client Value Proposition and our philosophy of Partnership with our clients.

As we work together to develop the Performance Profile for the position, we will also agree to a fee that makes sense given all the variables; and that provides value relative to the services to be delivered.† TMG fees are not based on starting salary.

Our fees will vary depending on the position we are recruiting for , the career level of the professional, and the Performance Profile.† They are NOT based on salary, but typically average about 11% with some fees as low as 8%.

Warranties and Payment Terms

Partnering with our client also means that we share in the risk as you evaluate your new employee.† It is with this in mind that The M Group has crafted its Payment Terms and Warranties.

Payment Terms - After paying a small part of the overall fee at the outset of the project, the rest of our fee is paid in stages.† It is only after the employee has been with your company for over 90 days that we collect the balance of our fee.

Warranties - During the first 12 months if the employee should leave or be terminated for cause, we will replace him or her TWICE.† If we are unable to replace the employee we will refund 50% of our fee.† Each replacement will carry a new 12 month warranty period.

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